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Dr. Michael Papa, D.C., P.A. Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Papa has graduated from the National Chiropractic College in Chicago, Illinois. He has attended St. John's University in New York City and also Wagner College. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He is licensed in the Florida Board of Chiropractic, the New York Board, and Illinois Board. He has been living in the Jupiter area since 1988. He holds memberships in the Florida Chiropractic Association, Florida Chiropractic Society, and also has memberships in the Kiwanis Club, the Elks Club, and helped found the Jupiter Jaycees. He is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Jupiter/Tequesta/Juno Beach. He helped develop and set up the "Say No to Drugs" program in the Jupiter area. He has lectured and done workshops for several businesses in the area such as:

* Home Depot
* Howard Johnson's
* PGA National
* Sheraton
* Palm Beach County Parks Department
* Publix Supermarkets
* Hazelton Laboratories
* Waterway Cafe
* The Juno Police Department
* Official Chiropractor for the Carquest Bowl 1996
* The Bobcats Arena Football 1997
* The PGA Seniors Tour 1997

He takes care of the West Virginia football coaches and team. He is also involved in events on a yearly basis such as the Loggerhead Triathalon, Jupiter High School football, and Zaino's karate tournaments. He works at sever charity events such as the American Lung Association, the American Heart Association, and the Cancer Association volunteering as time permits on a yearly basis for the their walks, runs and bike events.


    National College of Chiropractic 1988-Doctorate of  Chiropractic
    1986 - Bachelor of Science Human Biology
Pre-Professioal Educational Requirements:
    St. Johns University Jamaica, Queens NY
Professional Licensure:
    Florida Board of Chiropractic
    New York Board of Chiropractic
    Illinois Board of Chiropractic
    Diplomate-National Board of Chiropratic
    Newman Chiropractic Clinic
    Internship at the Patient Research Center, Lombard, Ill.
    Internship at Chicago General Health, Chicago, Ill.
    Chiropractic Assistant - Demetri Chiropractic Clinic, Oak Park, Ill.
    Emergency Medical Technicican, New York City
    New York State Certified for three years
    Florida Chiropractic Association
    American Chiropractic Association
    New York Chiropractic Association
    National College of Chiropractic Alumni
    ACA of Sports Medicine
    Kiwanis Club of Jupiter/Tequesta- Chairman of the Board
    Elks Club of Jupiter/Tequesta- Chairman of Awareness Program
    Jaycees of Jupiter of Jupiter/Tequesta
    Chamber of Commerce of Jupiter/Tequesta/Juno Beach
    Just say No to Drugs- Board of Directors
    Florida Chiropractic Association - Council on Sports Injuries and Physical fitness
Continuing Education:
    Dr. James Cox- Low back pain and its management
    Dr. John Faye- Motion palpation of spine and extremeties.
    Dr. Stanley S. Kaplan, D.C., DABCO Impairment Rating and Law AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment for Disability Evaluation.
Safety workshops:
    Home Depot Stores
    Howard Johnsons Hotel
    The Loxahatchee club
    PGA Sheraton
    Palm Beach County Park Dept.
    Publix Supermarket
    Hazelton Laboratories
    Waterway Cafe
    Juno Beach Police Department
Educational Workshops:
    Palm Beach Community College
    Jerry Thomas elementary
    Jupiter Elementary
    Morning Health Tip for WPSP 1190
    ESPN Sport Radio
Official chiropractor for:
    Bobcats Arena Football 1997
    CarQuest Bowl 1996
    World Gym
    Jupiter Gym
    Jupiter Bay Tennis Club
    PGA Seniors Tour 1997
    Nordic Track
    West Virginia University Football
    Loggerhead Triathalon
    Barracuda's Hockey Team SHL
    Blaze Hockey Team SHL
    Dwyer High School Football
    Jupiter High School Football
    Zaino's Karate Tournaments
    American Lung Association Events
    Sprint Triathalon
    Heart Association Events
    American Cancer Society Events

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